Balada de Mallorca

During the winter between 1838-39 complete in Mallorca (Spain) his Ballade Nr 2 in F major op. 38, dedicated to Schumann. Almost a century later, Manuel de Falla based one of his choir works in the Andantino of this ballade. The work was premiered in 1933 in Mallorca, during the Chopin Festival. Falla, who was a great admirer of Chopin´s music, used as a text a poem by Jacint Verdaguer, who is regarded as one of the greatest poets of Catalan literature.

The Canciones de amor by Manuel Oltra are based on texts by Federico García Lorca. The first of the three, "Madrigalillo" says as follows: "Vier granaatappels telt je boomgaard/(Neem mijn nieuwe hart)/Vier cipressen zal je boomgaard tellen/(neem mijn oude hart.)/Zon en maan./Later.../Geen hart,/geen boomgaard! The depth and spirituality of Lorca departs from the fysical world surrounding him and the emotions that this provoke on him.

The text of Cantar del alma ("Het lied van de ziel"), is quite different. Written in the 16th century by San Juan de la Cruz (Saint John of the Cross), considered the summit of mystical Spanish literature, it departs from the idea of God and its beauty lies on being a creation of God. Frederic Mompou, the composer, is composed music almost exclusively for piano. Born Paul Frankenburger in Munich, Paul Ben-haim emigrated in 1933 to Tel Avib . His Sephardic songs are not in Spanish but in Judaeo-Sapnish or Ladino, a Romance language derived from Spanish. Originally spoken in Spain, and then after the Edict of Expulsion issued in 1492, by the joint Catholic Monarchs of Spain,  spreading through the Ottoman Empire, it is today spoken mainly by Sephardic minorities in more than 30 countries, with most speakers residing in Israel. Although it has no official status in any country, it has been acknowledged as a minority language .


Tomas Luis de Victoria (1548-1611)
Pange lingua more hispano

Frederic Mompou (1893-1987) 
Cantar del alma 

Javier Busto (1949)
Salve Regina

Francisco Guerrero (1528-1611) 
Alma redemptoris mater 

Manuel Oltra (1922-2015)
Tres canciones de amor

Juan Vasquez (c1500-c1560) 
No me hableis conde

Paul Ben-Haim (1897-1984)
Seis canciones sefardíes

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